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Welcome to REAP Consultants, the blueprint to your real estate investments. We are a group of professionally qualified and highly skilled experts, representing multi-disciplinary nature of the real estate industry.  The clients, confronted with issues related to real estate can contact us personally or online for professional consultations. Our professionals are a mixture of experts specialized in vital aspects of the real estate industry. Most of them have the great experiences acquired during their official tenure in the service of Government and the private sector, which lead the success of the REAP Consultants. You are welcome to our house of consultants and share our professional intelligence and great experiences. 


Professional Consultations on every aspect of real properties and industry.


Facilitation for real estate project formulation to real estate developments.


We undertake to develop, manage and sell or buy real estate properties.


Training Programs for all stakeholders in Real Estate industry.



I would like to invest in Real Estate, Will REAP can handle all the aspects?

The REAP Consultants can help business owners, investors, corporate bodies, lenders or any person interested in real estate, we offer them our experience, know-how and strategic planning empowering them to convert any critical and complex investment projects into opportunities for growth.

Our professional consultations lead our clients making right executive decisions with regard to their investments. Our range of services include consultations on due diligence studies of investments, property transactions, property valuation, property portfolio management, leases and tenancies advisory and any other assignment arising from planning and planning approval procedures such as environmental and traffic impact assessments etc. Virtually the REAP helps and empower the real estate investors and developers to proceed on their journey to the target of enhancing the value of their businesses and assets.

I have a land in Sri Lanka, Will REAP able to develop and manage the property on behalf of me?

Land development is a complex process, it warrants professional intelligence, skills and multiple experiences in the realm of real estate. It is also a multidisciplinary exercise. The expatriates’ dilemma is how to synchronize the effort of professionals towards the goal of dream property development while living in abroad. This difficult task could be made simple by being smart enough to assign the REAP Consultants, the Centre for Real Estate as the estate agent to handle the task of land development in a professional way. The process of appointment of the REAP as the Real Estate Agent could be initiated on a request made by the land owner, then the REAP can undertake a preliminary investigation on the intended task and an assignment handling proposal will be made to the land owner online, which includes main steps of proposal development, methodology of assignment, fee proposal, draft estate agent agreement and fee settlement procedure. All the communications relating to the main steps of the above-mentioned procedure will be online. The execution of legal instruments through power of attorney could be done in case the expatriate finds it difficult to present himself personally for the purpose.

This procedure could be tailor- made to suit to the situations of the expatriates’ in order to minimize their difficulties. This procedure could immensely help and support undertaking any property development task in Sri Lanka on behalf of the expatriates even including the maintenance of their properties in Sri Lanka and management of tenanted properties to the best interest of the land owners.

Will REAP help me to rent my property in Sri Lanka?

Renting a property needs a very careful analysis of prospective tenants ‘qualities. Reliability in monthly rental payments, observance of the terms in the tenancy agreement, sustaining attendance to the minor repairs and maintenance of positive relations with the neighbors are some of the salient qualities generally expected from a good tenant. Issue is how to screen a potential tenant to find out whether he has such good qualities prior to execution of any tenancy agreement. This screening or evaluation process needs to be handled skillfully and intelligently. The REAP has the experience and the knowledge in handling this evaluation process.

There is no practice of documenting the conditions of the building to be rented out in Sri Lanka. Such a document is well known (Building Survey Report) in countries where real estate agency practice is well established. This document can be made a part of the tenancy agreement which can be a very useful document for the land owner as well as the prospective tenant since the execution of the tenancy agreement. Having selected the right tenant, the next process that has to begin is the preparation and execution of legal instruments with regard to renting out properties. Though it is matter for the legal professionals, the terms and conditions should be decided by the realtors who have the knowledge and the experience of real estate management. The very same realtor thereafter will be the real estate agent who will be assigned with the task of management of the tenanted property on behalf of the owner. The REAP Consultants is a smart professional centre for real estate businesses which can handle all the aspects of real estate transactions.

I want to sell my land, Can REAP handled all things including marketing and selling.

The REAP Consultants, Centre for real estate, is a real estate professional body, it’s one of the main values is empowerment of the client unlike brokers who provide services to the clients with hidden agendas. Our explicit motive is to provide a professional service to our valuable clients who come to us for professional services. Education of the client is an integral part of the service we provide to them. In the business of the land sale we have a dual responsibility in the sale facilitation process. We have to provide an honest professional service to the both seller as well as the buyer within the transaction governing legal framework. We describe the selling property with the real facts to enable the buyer to assess the real condition of the selling property. Our professional Chartered Valuers assess the value of the selling properties in order to facilitate the sale process. The REAP also facilitate the selling procedure by securing the clearances from the relevant Government’s institutions; this practice will enhance the confidence of the buyer regarding the selling property. The REAP will charge for such a comprehensive professional service only a professional fee which is legally justifiable and free of any hidden agenda.

Will REAP do all the services according to the law and regulation?

Yes, REAP Consultants is professionally competent to handle any issue relating to real estate matters. Our products include land title reports preparation, consultations on buying or selling lands and properties, development and management of properties on behalf of the land owners who are in abroad, land sub-division planning, facilitation of lands and building development approvals, property valuations for bank loans, valuation of properties for compensation inquiries when the properties are acquired by the Government and any other matter relating to real estate development and managements.

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