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REAP, Professional consultants for real estate executive decisions and your blueprint to the real estate industry.

Focus on the client
Focus On The Client
Futuristic Visionary
Futuristic Visionary

REAP Consultants are special because they strongly believe in empowerment of the clients in making successful executive decisions in the field of real estate business which is lacking in the real estate industry in Sri Lanka. We are the only real estate professionals, who provide consultations to the clients before their transactions are executed which saves millions to our clients.

To be the leading driving force & sustainable solution provider in the emerging world of Real Estate

Our mission is, to be the premier provider of intelligent professional real estate consulting services by continuing to meet and exceed our client’s expectations in compliance with professional & ethical standards and Social responsibility.

  1. Focus on the client
  2. Professionalism, built on team integrity and intelligence
  3. Freedom to learn and grow
  4. Be futuristic visionary
  5. Fast is better than slow
  6. Clients’ success is our greatest satisfaction

The REAP Consultants strongly believe that the success of the real estate business depends on high quality professionalism based on integrity with a long term vision for a sustainable built environment making the lives of the clients easy and comfortable and that the client empowerment is the key to success in the field of real estate business.

REAP, Professional consultants for real estate executive decisions and your blueprint to the real estate industry.

REAP Consultants provides independent professional consultancy services to the real estate industry in Sri Lanka. REAP expert partners founded the Company, because, they realized that there is a felt need for an independent professional and intelligent analysis of market conditions of real estate industry in Sri Lanka as it leads to the successful executive decisions. The REAP is enriched with highly skilled and professionally qualified mix of experts representing the multi-disciplinary character of the real estate industry, who work together to provide most trusted and independent professional consultancy.

Real estate is a multidisciplinary profession, ranging from town planning profession through surveying, lay out planning, valuation and marketing, project planning, feasibility analysis, environmental and traffic impact analysis, legal implications, and finally management of developed properties such as condominium complexes. The REAP professionals are a group of highly disciplined experts providing services independently on an agreed fee basis with no conflicting and secret agenda.

Assignment Handling Strategy

The REAP Consultants strongly believe and trust that the empowerment of the client is the key strategy to making successful investment decisions. This fact becomes more relevant when it comes to the realm of real estate, particularly in Sri Lanka, where, this subject of real estate consultancy is mostly being handled by the non-professionals, as a result, the clients are generally exposed to a great risk of making blunt decisions.Therefore our main strategy of handling assignments is basically depending on the client empowerment.

Our office at 732 2/1, Maradana Road, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka geared to provide our services personally and online. Depending on the nature of the matter referred to the RAEP, in-house professional staff will decide on the most relevant professional who should handle the assignment. The final outcome will be a mix of concerted opinions of all the relevant disciplines that meet the expectations of the clients.

Contact Information

732 2/1, Maradana Road, Colombo 10
Phone: +94 11 268 0586
Fax: +94 112 68 0686
E-mail: [email protected]
Business Hours: 8:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M

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